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Premier Vehicle Inspection Services in Burnaby

Are you looking for inspection services for your vehicle? If so, Alex's Lift Truck Service is the right choice for you. Since 1979, we provide complete vehicle inspection services in Burnaby. It is important to keep up with routine vehicle maintenance to make sure your vehicle is safe on the road. Alex's Lift Truck Service is a government certified and designated inspection facility, licensed by the province of British Columbia to perform inspections in compliance with the CVSE program. 

Certain vehicles, both commercial and private, are required to be inspected at a designated inspection facility and we can inspect them all! Whether you have received a Notice & Order, new to the province, have a commercial vehicle or motor carrier that requires an inspection certificate, we have licensed inspectors ready to inspect your vehicle. From motorcycles to buses, or any alternative fuel, we can get the job done! Call us now for vehicle inspections.

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