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Alex’s Lift Truck Service Offers Insight about Side Swings

An Essential Piece of Equipment

Alex’s Lift Truck Service’s 180° side swing in Burnaby may be an essential piece of equipment for your company, enabling you to do many jobs you would otherwise have to pass on to a crane truck, which is a rather expensive proposition. The side swing articulates to all angles as shown in the pictures on this page. Whether you’re using Pettibone®, Manitou, Gradall® or SkyTrak equipment, our side swing will fit your machine. For further information and specifications, please contact our office.

forklift in action

A Photo Says 1,000 Words

The house pictured below has a very steep driveway and no front yard to manoeuvre the forklift to a proper angle, so as to get access to the front window. The only way to safely access the window was by having the benefit of the side swing.

lift in tight spots

Fit into Tight Spots

These photos show just how much the lift can be rotated to access the window opening at just the right angle, so as to make it as easy as possible to pull the drywall in. Being able to boom out and articulate the lift allowed access in between two protruding roof peaks. As you can see, it’s possible to get into this very tight spot between the two roofs. The lift can be turned to the exact angle, so as to give access to where the crew doesn’t have to fight each sheet through the window. NOTE: Since the side swing articulates 180°, it’s not necessary to have a person standing on the platform. Doing so could cause serious injury or death.



We’ve expanded our scope of operations over the years

Vehicle Inspections


We’re certified to inspect vehicles that are out of province, out of country, or use alternative fuels

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